How can i access quality and reliable sources of information on ib topics?

These are examples of primary sources of information. Verify important information by looking for the same information from several reliable sources. If an important event happens today, almost immediately there will be eyewitnesses to the event, the people who are present will take pictures, post their experiences on Facebook or Twitter, write a blog post or an entry in their diary, or send a text message to a friend. The Library is subscribed to a series of subscription databases that you can then use for free.

These are sources of high-quality articles and images for academic research. You can filter the above list by subject, or the Recommended Resources for High School guide provides you with a detailed guide to which are the most suitable for your subject. The first thing you should do to find credible sources for your articles is to check their credibility. There are millions of magazines, websites, and news portals you can cite as a source, but not all of them will be accurate or reliable.

The information collected is directly relevant to the fieldwork question and is sufficient in quantity and quality to allow for in-depth analysis. The most appropriate techniques have been used effectively both for the treatment and for the visualization of the information collected. Visit the Recommended Resources for High School guide for tips on how to effectively search for academic sources on the Internet. Ultimately, IB students around the world are encouraged to use a variety of resources throughout their IB studies.

This access to a wealth of information and resources has provided 21st century students with the opportunity to deepen their research and has made resources more accessible, which in itself has pedagogical and cultural value.

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