What are academic materials?

These are some useful resources for your academic excellence in your philosophical studies. You can use the OU online library to obtain material; it has links to magazines, articles, e-books and more. This is called peer review in the academic world, and most philosophy researchers have ever submitted their academic writing to peer review before they qualify for publication. Key dates of participation will be shared with students and families in communications prior to the start of the semester, and support specialists from the Academic Materials Program can help answer any questions.

You should also appreciate the difference between primary and secondary sources in academic literature. If it's a subject area that you know something about, you may want to turn to academic or professional literature to refine your knowledge. Professors have complete academic freedom under the Cornell Academic Materials Program, and the textbook selection process will remain the same. Graduate programs are incredibly diverse in scope, so each graduate program is currently being evaluated with the goal of including them in the future phases of the Cornell Academic Materials Program.

Before the start of each fall and spring semester, all Cornell undergraduate students are enrolled in the Cornell Academic Materials Program.

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