What type of resources is academic research?

Popular resources are posted on social media, in magazines and newspapers, and are found in various discussion forums. The primary sources are the raw materials of research. The types of materials may include articles such as manuscripts, documents, diaries, letters; audiovisual and audiovisual media, such as photographs, sketches, recordings of interviews; and physical objects (artifacts of material culture), such as tools, utensils, pots, clothing or comforters. These are great resources to use throughout the research process to gather facts or information for comparison and consideration.

They provide a good overview or summary, but are not used to support academic analysis, in general. Newspapers are important resources for obtaining current information, personal accounts, opinions on topics and coverage of popular topics in a given community. Peer-reviewed articles, also called peer-reviewed journal articles, are a particular type of academic article that has been subject to additional scrutiny by experts in the field prior to publication. Academic journals: An academic journal publishes accredited research articles by academics or experts in a discipline.

This video explains the features that make up an academic journal and compares them with magazines, newspapers and specialized magazines. Academic libraries contain both works of fiction (works of the imagination) for analysis and works of non-fiction (works based on facts). Usually, these types of resources are books and articles that are reviewed before publication, but they can also include media and websites of authorized organizations and institutions. Books are fundamental resources for studying the humanities in particular and also provide an important and profound context for topics in the social sciences and sciences.

For academic courses and research project tasks, it is best to use academic or professional resources that are reliable, accurate, and valid. These resources are available in libraries and are found by searching for books in Omnivore BookSearch and Omnivore ArticleSearch or in thematic databases for articles.

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