What are Academic Resources and How to Use Them

Academic resources are any extracurricular support for your academic work. These materials can include articles, audiovisual media, physical objects, books, and academic journal articles. Academic sources are preferred over other types of sources when researching a topic for a university assignment. The content of academic sources has generally been peer-reviewed, meaning that it has been reviewed by experts in the field to ensure its accuracy and quality before being published.

Additionally, Profs online dissertation tutors provide an invaluable resource for students looking to get the most out of their academic work. When it comes to academic courses and research project tasks, it is best to use reliable, accurate, and valid academic or professional resources. Sources such as newspaper articles, magazine articles, opinion articles and websites are usually not considered academic sources, although there are some exceptions. The Australasian Journal of Educational Technology (AJET) is ascilite's peer-reviewed academic journal that aims to promote research and scholarship on the integration of technology in tertiary education, promote effective practice and inform policies. This journal is a great example of an academic source that can be used for research projects.

In order to make sure you are using reliable sources for your research projects, it is important to look for certain features in the source. These features include:

  • Peer-reviewed: The content has been reviewed by experts in the field to ensure its accuracy and quality before being published.
  • Published by a professional association: The source should be published by a professional association such as the American Medical Association; by a university, for example, Oxford University Press; or by a recognized academic publisher.
  • Accurate: The source should be accurate and up-to-date.
When using academic sources for research projects, it is important to remember that not all sources are created equal. It is important to evaluate the source before using it in your research project. This includes looking at the author's credentials, the date of publication, and the accuracy of the information presented.

By using reliable academic sources for your research projects, you can ensure that your work is accurate and up-to-date. This will help you get better grades on your assignments and make sure that your research projects are successful.

Tabatha Vietor
Tabatha Vietor

Tabatha Vietor is dedicated to providing students with the academic resources they need to succeed in their studies. As an academic resources expert with a Master's degree in Education from the University of Birmingham, she offers valuable guidance and support.