What are academic resources?

Academic resources are any extracurricular support for your academic work. The primary sources are the raw materials of research. The types of materials may include articles such as manuscripts, documents, diaries, letters; audiovisual and audiovisual media, such as photographs, sketches, recordings of interviews; and physical objects (artifacts of material culture), such as tools, utensils, pots, clothing or comforters. Academic sources, also called academic sources, are sources that can include books, academic journal articles, and published expert reports.

It has a connected community of professionals and academics working in fields related to improving learning and teaching through the pedagogical use of technologies. For academic courses and research project tasks, it is best to use academic or professional resources that are reliable, accurate, and valid. Academic journals: An academic journal publishes accredited research articles by academics or experts in a discipline. When researching a topic for a university assignment, academic sources are preferred over other types of sources.

Academic sources must be published by a professional association such as the American Medical Association; by a university, for example, Oxford University Press; or by a recognized academic publisher. Sources such as newspaper articles, magazine articles, opinion articles and websites are usually not academic, although there are some exceptions. This video explains the features that make up an academic journal and compares them with magazines, newspapers and specialized magazines. So, what kind of sources can you rely on when writing your article? Well, a good starting point is with academic sources, also called academic sources.

The content of academic sources has generally been peer-reviewed, meaning that it has been reviewed by experts in the field to ensure its accuracy and quality before being published. The Australasian Journal of Educational Technology (AJET) is ascilite's peer-reviewed academic journal that aims to promote research and scholarship on the integration of technology in tertiary education, promote effective practice and inform policies.

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