What are three academic resources?

Information about tutoring, academic records, academic calendar, courses, libraries, counseling center and exams. Students and alumni can request official transcripts by signing in to Orion through the Galaxy website. If you don't have access to Orion, use the alumni reactivation form to temporarily regain access to Orion. For more information, visit the Registrar's transcripts page.

CourseBook allows students to search for courses and obtain details about scheduling, locations, curricula, textbook information, evaluations, and the instructor's curriculum vitae. Visit CourseBook The catalogs list current academic policies, degree programs and other information related to student studies at UT Dallas and should be reviewed frequently. Academic Services for Students and Athletes (SAAS) allows student athletes to pursue excellence in school, sports, and life by encouraging active goal setting and development; creating individualized support plans to help them achieve goals; providing professional opportunities to prepare for life after graduation; and establishing connections between local and global communities. The Student Success Center helps students achieve their academic goals in multiple subject areas.

We have numerous resources and support services available to actively promote your academic success at Fordham. Take advantage of academic support services including tutoring, workshops, academic training, writing help and more to improve learning. The catalogs list current academic policies, degree programs, and other information related to student studies at the University of Texas at Dallas and should be reviewed frequently. It has a connected community of professionals and academics working in fields related to improving learning and teaching through the pedagogical use of technologies.

Learn about the services and opportunities available through the Academic Success Center located on the second floor of the Learning Commons Library on the Tampa campus. Academic support programs help students at the University of Washington develop their potential through the Center for Undergraduate Learning and Enrichment (CLUE) and academic success coaches. Contact an academic advisor at your university, learn how to declare or change your specialty, learn about the counseling services available to students, view a registration tutorial, and more. Members of the USF academic community provide a full grant for long-term preservation and electronic accessibility around the world.

The Australasian Journal of Educational Technology (AJET) is ascilite's peer-reviewed academic journal that aims to promote research and scholarship on the integration of technology in tertiary education, promote effective practice and inform policies. Undergraduate Academic Affairs is pleased to welcome Emily Kolby to her new appointment as Director of First Year Curriculum and Engagement.

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