What are non academic resources?

Non-academic articles can be found in periodicals similar to Time, Newsweek or Rolling Stone. As a general rule, religious texts and newspapers are not considered academic sources. This research summary provides a review of literature and research focusing on non-academic supports and success factors for higher education students. Share, analyze and discuss research and theories; advance knowledge in a particular field.

While academic ability is certainly a factor in student persistence, non-academic problems can often cause students to drop out of programs and classes. There are a variety of university resources that students can take advantage of that are aimed at topics outside their program or academic studies. There's no filter you can apply to view only academic books, so you'll need to take a closer look at it to determine if it's academic. While the library's Discovery search allows you to limit your search to e-books by 26%, not all books in the library are considered academic.

In addition to the four support mechanisms described in the summary, the author emphasizes the need to continue research to understand students' perceptions of support services and link their perceptions to academic outcomes. Academic journals are almost always peer-reviewed, but books don't go through the same peer-review process.

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