Why is academic important?

Academic performance is important for the successful development of young people in society. Students who do well in school are better able to transition to adulthood and to achieve occupational and economic success. Specifically, numerous research studies focus on measuring students' intellectual and non-intellectual factors that can be considered useful predictors of students' academic success in general. Therefore, the study yielded evidence that teachers influence students' awareness and understanding of their academic performance, and then influence their desire to achieve academic success.

House (200 years old) conducted research on the effects of student personality and educational activities on academic performance, and his work suggested that there are many factors that support academic performance. As previously suggested, these may include factors such as practical support for the student's study and personal improvement, and the student's combination in a university and academic community. Many academics from many universities have tried, as far as possible, to classify the determinants of academic success for years. Michael Breus's 2003 research discovered the importance of getting enough sleep.

He states that students who don't sleep misbehave and communicate poorly, reducing students' academic success. With regard to academic success, students must socialize with both university life and study programs, but research showed that students face some challenges in integrating into a completely new sociocultural environment. And by encouraging it, the university could create a social environment in which students would work harder in their studies, and then focusing on improving that satisfaction would help students succeed throughout their studies. Parents' socioeconomic and educational status not only plays an important role in their children's future academic success, but it is also an essential part of their children's careers.

According to many researchers, the quality of teaching is one of the most important factors influencing academic success. Researchers have also discovered that self-efficacy and the substantial quality of the teaching and learning system in higher education are absolutely related to academic performance (Pintrich %26 De Groot, 1990). One of the best ways to help your child achieve academic performance is to encourage them to set goals. It seems that there are many factors that affect the academic success of undergraduate students, and some of them are more important determinants.

The studies showed that students who receive all the support of the university have an increase in their academic capacity. There are many researchers who study the effect of motivation on academic success, so many theories have been defined on this concept. Cliff (200) estimates that much careful research has tried to find out the factors that predict the academic success of students, especially the undergraduate student, and how these factors diversify due to the fact that student populations, academic and other needs are differentiating.

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